Effective Website UI Design for enhanced user experience

With rapid evolution in technology, change has also become mandatory for designing of website user interface for compatibility of website with modern devices. Although nowadays more simple website UI design is preferred by users however these designs should be attuned with touch devices, typographical with right combination of type, color and form.

Website UI Design

Website UI Design

More desktop websites are being customized for convenient working with touch devices and Smartphone. Increasing need of responsive websites and quality combination of design and content has influenced the trends of UI designs.

According to demand for innovative UI design of websites, it needs to include following aspects:

Typography design for user interface
It is basic requirement of good website to designing to control typography of website. Therefore, nowadays designers are emphasizing more on developing simple web layouts with state of art typography both easy to understand and attractive for eyes.

With intelligent use of Java Script along with CSS, designers are producing wide range of website designs with popular letterpress such as Avenir, Georgia and many more.

Responsive user interface design for website
Responsiveness of website is one of most wanted feature of present times. Such designs enhance flexibility of website and websites can be adopted according to displays of different devices conveniently.

Return of Flat and simple UI designs
With increased use of more complex devices, trend of simple and flat website designs has become inspiration for more website designers. Websites are designed with simpler user interface with help of drop shadows, less integration of gradients and partial use of inner shadows.

Parallax scrolling
Parallax scrolling is another interactive feature of user interface design preferred by designers to add more interactivity to website along with adding element of fun.

Through this feature websites look richer with help of using layers and moving web pages along layers with varied speed. This technical feature of user interface design is conveniently compatible with wide range of devices and operating systems.

Touch screen compatibility
From screens to mobiles and watches everything has gone touch therefore, to accommodate this need of modern technology designers are focusing more on user interface with swiping and tapping features integrated.

UI designers prefer to use larger buttons compatible with finger touch and convenient to tap. All icons used in such a way that they are easy to work on with touch devices and different display size.

Thus, it can be concluded that recent trend of UI design for website include interface with mobile-app style with simple and clear layout and right combination of color and images without overdoing it. Right recipe of UI design ensure more user interactivity that will certainly enhance popularity and ranking website with increased traffic.


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